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As a leader in Global Education, LPI Learning is committed to our students’ academic success. Renzulli has helped millions of children to develop advanced learning skills and higher academic performance. LPI Study Abroad students can enjoy the benefits of Renzulli Learning.
LPI Learning infuses the principles of Renzulli Learning into our program to elevate its academic benefits. The Renzulli Profile identifies student Interest, Learning Style and Expression Style. Student profiles are used in our admissions process as a tool to identify Best Fit Schools. The Renzulli Profile is also shared with the schools our students attend to provide educators with additional information about our students’ academic strengths, interests and learning styles. The Renzulli Profile enables educators to leverage increased Engagement in learning, which leads directly to higher Achievement.

All LPI Learning Study Abroad students, their natural families and receive access to the Renzulli Learning Home Edition.

Renzulli Learning Benefits Your Study in the USA Experience!
  • Enhance your educational experience by utilizing the results of your Renzulli Profile
  • Gain an increased understanding of your interests, learning styles, expression styles
  • Expand your knowledge through interest-based activities and online resources
  • Develop 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Share Renzulli Learning with your family members, so they can also achieve the benefits!

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