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We will Help You Find a School that Meets your Academic Needs!

There are more than 120,000 schools in the USA and choosing the right school to study abroad in can be challenging. Study Abroad is possible with private, public and boarding schools, but school selection and admission is not easy.

Our program places international students in the USA on an F-1 Visa. International students may enroll in a Public school for one year or a Private school for multiple years. It is possible for F-1 Visa students to graduate from an American high school and to apply to and attend a university in the USA.

LPI Study Abroad Admissions Advisors help international students to select, apply and gain admission to an American school. We offer two school selection options, based upon student requirements:
We will Help You Find a School that Meets your Academic Needs!

1. Choose your Own School

LPI Study Abroad provides admission support to find their Best Fit school. Our Admissions Advising team is ready to assist our students every step of the way until they gain admission to an American school!

LPI Learning works with the more than 12,000 SEVIS Certified Private and Public high schools nationwide in the USA. You may find a school by searching a specific location (City, State) here.

You can download the complete Certified School List here.

2. Choose your School from the LPI Study Abroad Network

LPI Study Abroad is partnered with more than 200 schools across America. Our network includes a wide variety of schools and includes 6 of the Top 10 Ranked Public High Schools according to US News and World Report.

Public Schools

Students at American public schools will take a variety of courses including language, history, literature, mathematics, and science. Class offerings and requirements vary from school to school and different states have different educational requirements for high school students. Based on their educational level, international students are placed in courses that fit their ability and achievement level. School sizes and classes vary from small to large, each offering a unique learning opportunity to students. Our students are expected to maintain a full class schedule and meet with counselors in their school to select classes. Teachers are available for extra support and are happy to help students who need it.

Extracurricular activities are also a dynamic part of the learning process and students are encouraged to participate. Outside of class, you can choose from a wide variety of sports, recreation and club activities. Options range from sports teams to cheerleading, bands, choral groups, school newspapers, yearbooks and community service organizations. Many special interest clubs allow you to expand on your studies in areas such as drama, science, debate and music.  Some schools also offer international or global clubs where students can share their culture with other international students as well as local students.

Private & Parochial Schools

Private and Parochial schools are located throughout the USA and come in many varieties. Most are co-ed, but some are all-male or all-female. Private schools may be non-religious or hold a religious affiliation.  Religiously affiliated schools typically do not require students belong to their faith but there may be religion classes as part of the curriculum.  LPI Learning Admissions Advisor will help you determine which private schools are the best fit for you– for academics, location, sports, arts, and other programs.

Each private school has its own admissions requirements and will look at each student’s academic grades, English level and motivation among other factors. Schools often require an interview with each applicant before considering their admission (via Skype). International students must complete the schools application for admission, in addition to the LPI application process, and once admitted, maintain a passing grade point average (GPA). ESL classes may be available in some schools, should students require additional language support; however this is not guaranteed.  Your Admissions Advisor will offer support and guidance throughout the process.

Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools are private schools, either religious or non-religious, where students to live on campus in a residential setting. Schools provide residential support and supervision, most frequently from teachers and staff who live on campus.  Students at boarding schools among their classmates and most frequently have roommates.

Meals are included as part of overall program costs as are some activities and outings throughout the school year. Students who attend a boarding school will not stay with host families since they will live on their campus during the school year.  Students are able to travel or return home during extended school breaks or holidays.

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